Drivers License, it’s required

All au pairs will arrive with an International Drivers License (except Chinese au pairs).  In Colorado, every person who is here for over 90 days must apply for a state drivers license.  Some car insurance companies require the license before they will cover a driver, some insurance companies don’t have any regulations on this.  Please check with your provider to make sure your au pair is covered.

It is important that all host families drive with their new au pair to assess their driving ability.  Every au pair has a different comfort level when starting out.  If you need your au pair to drive immediately, consider asking in-depth questions about their driving history, comfort level, how often they drive back home, etc.  Some host families have their au pairs take a class or two at a local driving school.  Au pairs may also be able to take the written and driving test at these schools.  You can find a school nearby at

Au pairs can study for the written test here;

Au pairs can also take online practice tests here;

The Department of Motor Vehicles is very busy, they are booking road tests 4-6 weeks out.  You can schedule an appointment here  Make sure you sign up for the right kind of test.  You don’t want to show up and have to reschedule.

If you have any other specific questions, please reach out to your Local Childcare Consultant.

Friday, 24 March 2017 4:15 PM