Interview Questions

When I meet new host families, they always ask for a list of interview questions.  Interviewing an au pair may seem like the same as any employee but au pairs live with you, they are part of your family, they are not just an employee.  You will want to make sure you, your family, and your au pair are compatible in more ways than just your expectations for childcare.

Here is a list of questions you can use during your matching time.  These may also help you think of other questions you want to ask that pertain just to your family!


  1. What do you like to do for entertainment?
  2. What do you like to do in your free time or with friends?
  3. Do you consume alcohol? If so how much, moderate, light, a lot?
  4. What foods do you know how to cook or prepare?
  5. What makes you sad?
  6. What makes you happy?
  7. How much partying do you like to do?
  8. Have you lived away from home in the past?
  9. Who does the housekeeping, cooking and cleaning at home?
  10. Do you work currently?
  11. If you are not working, how do you support yourself financially?
  12. Do you study in ______ (fill in appropriate language) or English at the University?
  13. Are you comfortable/proficient reading and studying in English?
  14. What side of the road do you drive on? In the US we drive on the right
  15. Have you driven an automatic car before? If not can you get some practice before you get here?
  16. How do handle difficult feedback?
  17. How will I know when you are stressed or not feeling good?
  18. On a scale of 1- 10 where would you rate your communication skills?
  19. Sometimes kids will act out. How do you manage them when they do this?
  20. Do you have any Religious practices you observe I should be aware of?
  21. Is there anything that frightens you, I should be aware of?
  22. Do you currently have a significant other? If so will your travelling away be an issue
  23. What other countries have you visited ?
  24. Have you visited the US before?
  25. What are you interested in coming to the US and do you have a preferred region or city you want to work in as an Au Pair?
  26. Denver has four seasons. It snows quite a bit and gets pretty cold during the winter although its sunny most times. Are you ok with this?
  27. You will be expected to drive every work day, taking the kids to their various activities and classes. Are you comfortable with this?
  28. The kids are very active and talkative. Will you be comfortable keeping up with 2 toddlers at once and interacting closely with them all day?
  29. Do you enjoy going to the gym or rec center?
  30. The twins weigh about 32 pounds each and are pretty active. Will you be comfortable lifting or carrying them if needed?
  31. What kinds of food do you like to eat? What don’t you like?
  32. Are there any particular customs you observe that I should be aware of and respectful of?
  33. Do you consider yourself a good cook? If so, what kinds of food do you make?
  34. You will be expected to do light housekeeping daily such as sweeping the hardwood floors in the living room where the kids play and cleaning up after yourself and them. Will you be ok with this?
  35. What will you do if you feel homesick?
  36. What do you think will be the most difficult part about spending a year in the US as an au pair?
  37. Do you consider yourself a neat and tidy person?
  38. I prefer to keep the house and car relatively clean.  Are you comfortable abiding by this expectation?
  39. How do you plan to spend your time after work hours?
  40. Do you prefer alone time to explore? Or hang out with my family some of  the time?
  41. I prefer someone who is self directed and uses a lot of initiative. i.e. anticipates things in advance and communicates. How would you rate yourself on this?
  42. My current Au pair communicates daily in person, by text and Whatsapp videos of the kids during their activities which is great. I have come to expect this. can I expect this from you?
  43. How do you plan to maintain your educational training or competencies while you are in the US?
  44. Are you currently working? If so what kind of work are you doing?
  45. If the year goes well and it is beneficial to both, will you consider extending with my family or are you limited to a strict one year term for any reason? I know it’s early to ask but I wanted to get your thoughts on this. Of course you can always change your mind or decide to explore another Au pair option.
  46. What are your expectations of me as the host Mom (host family)?
  47. If our discussions go well, and you sign up with me what can I do to make your stay better and most beneficial?

Wednesday, 7 March 2018 11:41 AM