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During this unprecedented time, the State Department has temporarily allowed for online courses to count for the au pair program.  Here is some great information to make sure your online courses will count and a list of online options!

It is temporarily permissible for au pairs to take online classes if there are no other options available to them in their community. The course still needs to be offered by an accredited post-secondary institution. Please note that this is NOT a permanent change in policy on the educational component, but is merely a temporary modification until such time as classroom offerings resume.

Here are some guidelines you can follow when helping au pairs find online courses:

Online Class Criteria

  1. The course must be a scheduled class offered by a U.S. based post-secondary accredited institution
  2. Au pairs must be able to provide Cultural Care with a proof of enrollment in the course and a proof of completion in the form of a certificate, transcript from the school or a letter from the professor or school on official school letterhead (showing the school logo)

The proof of enrollment and the proof of completion must always include the following:

  • The au pair’s name
  • Name of school and course
  • Start and end dates of the course
  • Credits or total hours
  • Clarity that the au pair’s credit or hours is provided directly through the post-secondary institution

How can you make sure a school is a post-secondary accredited institution?

The sites listed below allow you to search for post-secondary accredited institutions. Search for your school and click the school link to verify that their accreditation is still valid and that it is specifically “post-secondary accredited”.

  • U.S. Department of Education Office of Post-Secondary Education:
  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation:
    • This takes you to the search page where you can click on “search institutions” for a list of accredited schools.
  • Western Association of School & Colleges:
    • This takes you to the search page  where you can choose “post secondary” under category and then enter the county/region and city that applies.

** if a school is not showing on either site and you want help verifying – please reach out to [email protected]

Recommendations for online options:


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