Arizona Au Pair Resources

Welcome to Arizona and the au pair program!

Here you can find the information about what needs to be done in the first few weeks of arriving and links to schools for the educational component.  If you need more details, please reach out to me (or your LCC).

Social Security Number;

Au pairs must obtain a Social Security number.  Please print off the documents in your account titled ‘Social Security Letter’ and ‘Letter of Participation.’  These will needed along with other documents listed online for a social security card and drivers license. The documents required at the social security office are listed here.

Locations are listed here, search by zip code.  Au pairs must go into an office to apply and appointments are no longer accepted, it is walk-in only.  You can print out the application and fill it out before going to the appointment.

Bank account;

Au pairs should open a bank account.  Once their account is open, you can easily transfer the weekly stipend via Zelle, auto transfer, Venmo, etc.  Some banks require the au pair to have a social security number so I usually suggest you wait until your card arrives.  I would call the bank to see what they require and go from there.  It is usually easiest to get au pairs an account at the same bank as the host family. Chase has been the most recommended bank from host families and au pairs

Drivers License Information;

If you (or your au pair) are going to drive, you must obtain an Arizona drivers license. You should wait until you receive your Social Security card to take the tests.  The documents needed are listed here.  I would suggest scheduling an appointment for written and road tests.  Host families are responsible for adding their au pair to the car insurance, even if your au pair will only drive off duty.  I would suggest calling around to get different quotes for coverage.

If your au pair is not going to drive, I suggest she gets a state ID. Some of the schools require a state ID to take classes and it’s better to carry a state ID than a passport.

Educational Component;

All au pairs are required to take 6 credits (or 72-90 hours), this can be a combination of hours and credits.  We have a few English classes offered locally and there are weekend courses which are really popular.  There is no need to rush into a decision on which classes to take, I always advise au pairs to get used to their host family and routine before starting classes.  It is a good idea to research these classes and have a few ideas in mind for options.  As always, classes are to be scheduled around the work schedule.  Host families and au pairs should discuss timing and registration together.

Local English classes:


Weekend course info;


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